Wine cellar

Antico Attico Milesi

The Antico Attico Milesi Wine Cellar was built by the Barone Ottavio Boroni in the early years of 1800 and is located exactly in the historical centre of Cellatica. The Cellar bears witness to the history of the Milesi Family which, with tenacity and persevering determination has been able to continue on the road of wine-making started years and years ago.

Grape harvesting is accomplished strictly by expert hands capable of recognising a mature fruit of the nature and starts on the second decade of August for the Franciacorta Brut DOCG and extends until October for the Terre di Franciacorta Rosso DOC.

The Antico Attico Milesi Wine Cellar is equipped with leading edge technological plants, certified EC for the vinification and bottling of the wines.

We invite you to reserve an appointment for a personal tasting of our wines and personally find out and taste the high quality of our vinification.