The Wine and Poetry of its Land

It is exactly on the hills of Cellatica, a privileged and exclusive access to the Franciacorta lands, where the Milesi Family raised generations of viticulturists and wine-makers. Passionate and tireless vine-dressers who have inherited centuries old traditions and love for the art of vine growing. In the old cellar, under the protective shade of huge vaulted ceilings, grapes are turned into products of high ancient lineage honouring the most demanding taste buds.

The Town of Cellatica enjoys a special favourable position thanks to the hills surrounding it and to the influence of its typical mild climate. These same distinctive traits make of Cellatica an ideal place where to produce excellent wines.

The history of Cellatica is ancient and rich of historical references: the name "Cellatica" originates most likely from the Latin "cella vinaria" (wine cellar), referring to the production of a wine for which the town is famous. The wine from this area of origin was already famous in 1500 and praised by the Benedictine Friar Teofilo Folengo.

The strategic position of the town, which was crossed by the ancient road taking from Brescia to Sebino and to Valle Camonica, stands as evidence of pre-Roman settlements and justifies the constant presence of foreigners like the Celtics, who throughout history have chosen this place to settle and bring significant influences and integrations.
For long time, land cultivation was the main occupation of the Cellatica people. And for these reasons its territory has been shaped and transformed in today's place that is both unique and typical. A splendid corner of Lombardy land, which has conserved its origins punctuated by the changes of seasons and breath of Mother Nature.

Visiting and touring the Cantine Milesi you will discover magnificent sceneries, where the unique attraction and irresistible charm are dedicated to the cultivation of the grape vines. A landscape featuring a rich natural variety and yellow colours.